Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Fault in our Stars - Book Review

This was a book once again on the list of 14 books to read before Hollywood makes the movie. I am trying to read all the books on this list before I watch the upcoming movies. So far, so good.

The Fault in our Stars is a book narrated by a 16 year old girl with terminal lung cancer. It follows her daily life which includes a dull therapy group, distance education at tertiary level, and the daily struggles to breathe. The book is told so well from 'Hazel's' point of view that it is remarkable that the author is a 36 year old male, John Green. I haven't read any of his other works but after reading this book I am definitely going to seek them out.

I felt this book had a somewhat slow start. I read the first 5/6 chapters over a week just casually picking up the book every now and then. I thought it was going to be a book a struggled through. As a love interest developed with a fellow cancer (although in remission) therapy group member, I became more and more interested in this seemingly tragedy-destined relationship. The book is raw and doesn't gloss over the effects of cancer on Hazel and her friends. It doesn't hide her depression. It somehow has hope hidden amongst it's sometimes depressing themes. By the time I got to the last third of the book I read it all late into the night - desperate to finish it. I had to stop several times, sobbing, to have a tissue break. I am surprised I didn't wake my sleeping husband beside me as I was inconsolable! I would only be able to read half a page before dissolving into sobs again.


This book is an incredible read. Well worth the time and tears. It is a glimpse into a life that seems to have no meaning yet the book gave my life more meaning. Bravo John Green, Bravo!

The movie adaptation is set to be released June 2014 with the lead actress from Divergent (Shailene Woodley) also cast as the lead actress in this movie. I expect that she will be an actress to watch as she is gaining more and more significant roles.

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