Sunday, June 26, 2011

Child's Pencil Roll Tutorial

Well, well, well... It's about time I posted a new tutorial!

So here we go - first of all - much thanks to my hubby who took some lovely photos of my un-manicured hands during the process of making this pencil roll in order for me to document this tutorial for you!

I was asked to make 8 pencil rolls for a friend's 8yr old daughter's birthday party as presents for the guests. Gladly I jumped at the chance to finally work with some real girly fabric after making things for my little boy! Kelly provided all the materials and my job was simply to make them up.

Kelly chose a rich purple drill for the inside and a gorgeous cupcake fabric for the print! I love it! Add some ribbon with love hearts on it and its time to get girly!

In total you will need:

19" x 13" of print fabric
19" x 13" of a thicker fabric such as drill or broadcloth
20" of ribbon (about 1cm wide works best)

scissors, complementary thread, sewing machine, ruler, self-healing mat (to cut fabric on), iron and ironing board.

First thing to do is cut your fabric. I cut one from each of the materials of a 9" by 19" rectangle and a 4" by 19" rectangle.

Make sure to iron out your fabric after you cut it to remove all fold marks and wrinkles - it's much easier to sew with flat fabric!

With right sides facing, sew along all 4 side of the smaller rectangles leaving a small gap wide enough to put two fingers in to turn the piece inside out.

Top stitch all the way around once you have turned your material right side out, making sure to turn under the edges of the gap as you do so to include them. Set aside this piece and take your other rectangles.

Complete the same steps as above with your larger pieces without top-stitching. Iron both of your newly finished rectangles.

Take your smaller rectangle and place it on top of the larger rectangle - plain sides facing each other. Top stitch the entire way around joining the rectangles together.

Starting at the long top-stitched side, sew straight lines approx 1.5cm (wider if you plan to put wider pencils or crayons in the roll) to the end of the printed fabric. Make sure to secure your stitching either by back-stitching at each end or if you are lucky enough to have a fancy machine that will do it for you :)

 Take your ribbon and cut approx 20". Fold it in half and stitch it down on the right inside of the roll.
NOTE: if you have ribbon like mine which has a pattern only on one side - make sure you stitch it down inside out unlike mine otherwise when you tie it you won't be able to see the pattern when you tie it up.

And ta-da! You are finished! Look how pretty!

Now insert some kiddie coloured pencils - I only had boring adult pens :( ...

And roll up and tie and you have a fancy pencil/crayon roll ready for any little girl (or boy) who loves to draw!

Well there it is. One pencil roll. Now to complete the other 7...

If you would like to check out Kelly's blog, head on over to her site.