Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clomid - Round 2

Well last month was a bust.  Nick ended up going away for work right around the time I should be ovulating and the day he got back I got gastro for a week! Needless to say, no chance of conceiving that month!

I did get my blood work done on day 21 however to see if my progesterone levels were higher than 30 which would indicate if the clomid had worked and if I had finally ovulated.  My results came back at 33 - yahoo I ovulated!!

And so started month 2. Cycle one was 32 days in length - a vast improvement from my 11 week cycle the previous cycle! Thanks very much clomid! I didn't suffer from side effects this month like I did in the first month - nausea and headaches whilst taking the clomid days 1-5.

I had my CD8 bloods done and went in for the CD10 ultrasound.  Again the doctor had trouble finding my left ovary! Apparently I have a retroverted uterus - my uterus is angled backwards instead of forwards onto my abdomin. It's estimated 25% of women have this condition and it isn't a problem for fertility or pregnancy.  Just makes it harder for my fertility specialist (FS) to find my left ovary hiding behind it!

My CD8 bloods were 200. Last month was 335 so this month my estrogen isn't as high.  My FS said that if I don't get pregnant this month he will up the dosage of clomid next month.  He found two eggs measuring 1.1mm and 1.52mm. He thinks only the larger one will ovulate. 

All go for round 2! I kidnapped Nick for two nights over the long weekend and am so thankful he is home this time. I'm pretty sure I ovulated today (thanks to an ovulation-pee-on-a-stick test). Here's to the 2ww - 2 week wait!