Sunday, October 6, 2013

Updated 30 by 30...

Just over a year to go until I'm 30!

This is my revised list (including those things I've already completed). Enjoy!

  1. Travel to Cambodia again. COMPLETE!
  2. Sew an evening gown. COMPLETE!
  3. Have another baby. (Up to God with this one) COMPLETE!
  4. Go camping.
  5. Read all of Jane Austin's novels. IN PROGRESS
  6. Travel overseas to a country I haven't been to before.
  7. Go out to dinner and eat dessert before the main meal. COMPLETE!
  8. Make and auction off a quilt for charity.
  9. Get my blog to 10,000 page views.
  10. Sing on stage again.
  11. Take James and Oliver to the snow.
  12. Read 100 books.  25 down - 75 to go!
  13. Give blood. I am terrified of needles. Enough said. COMPLETE!
  14. Read the entire Bible from start to finish. IN PROGRESS
  15. Spend one whole day without talking. Those of you who know me know that this could be a tough one! 
  16. Witness a birth.
  17. Breastfeed - this is dependant on task number 3. COMPLETE!
  18. Learn to Crochet. COMPLETE!
  19. Eat Sushi. My hubby has been trying to persuade me to try it for years but I'm too chicken. hmmm... maybe I'll try the chicken... - COMPLETE!
  20. Surprise hubby with a weekend away somewhere. - COMPLETE!
  21. Climb Jacob's Ladder.
  22. Change a tire by myself.
  23. Set up our Christmas tree with only handmade ornaments I have made on it.
  24. Own a dress makers mannequin. - COMPLETE!
  25. Complete a postage stamp quilt. IN PROGRESS
  26. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yes I admit it. I've never seen it! COMPLETE!
  27. Watch an All Blacks game live.
  28. Create my own pattern and make a dress.
  29. Holiday trip with friends. - COMPLETE!
  30. Complete 30 acts of kindness during the week of my 30th birthday.
So what do you think of my list? What would you put on yours?


  1. I would highly recommend seeing the All Blacks live! What an awesome experience. To top it off, the haka is chilling and amazing!!!

    1. Can't wait to do this one! I remember the time we did crusaders in freezing cold Christchurch!