Friday, May 3, 2013

Oww! my ovaries!

Ok. So excuse the obscure Simpsons reference, but Ow!

For some bizarre reason, I tend to turn into a try-hard stand up comedian when I visit my Fertility Specialist. I guess I just get nervous and try to make light of the situation by making witty comments. Such was the case today.

I had my CD10 ultrasound today. My specialist is such a lovely guy and always puts me at ease, even when I'm baring all on the table! He tends to ignore my nervous attempts at jokes - such was the case today.

After giving me my blood test results (336), I jump up on the table, ready to do an invasive ultrasound - the kind with the magic wand - and immediately notice my unshaven legs. Ali! Really?!

"Opps sorry for the legs! I mean I really should have shaved for you"

Dr: "It's ok, it doesn't bother me." - oh great. So he noticed.
"Right.... here is your right ovary... a few small follicles... nothing of note here... and now for the left ovary..."

Prod, prod, poke, poke....

"Hmmm... Umm...."

Oh come on Doc! Give me the news! I can take it!

"I can't seem to find your left ovary..."

Me: "I swear I have one! I've got pictures to prove it!"

Dr: "uh huh..."

Prod, push down on stomach area where ovary should be, poke, prod....

Dr: "oh there it is... way up there..."

Thankful that he found it, we discovered I had 1 significant egg measuring 13mm in diameter! Hurray! Yay! I have an egg ready to ovulate!

Me: "So when do you think I'll ovulate?"

Dr: "Oh I'd say it would be about 4 days time given the size of the follicle"

Drats. Nick just left today for a 5 day trip...

Praying and hoping that this little egg is running behind schedule!

My little egg...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Have you tried...?

"If you stop thinking about it, it will happen."

"Just relax and don't stress"

"You need to pray about it more"

"You need to trust God more"

" You need to ......"

For someone who suffers from infertility, you sure do get a lot of advice handed out by (usually) well meaning people. I came across a funny picture today which made me laugh and I thought I would share it with you all so you know what we have tried!

We have tried:

  1. Vaginal Ultrasound
  2. HSG/Hysteroscopy
  3. Blood tests - 16 viles in two days!
  4. Laparoscopy
  5. 2-hour Glucose
  6. PCOS Panel
  7. Semen Analysis
  8. Pelvic ultrasound
  9. Hormone Testing
  10. Clomid
  11. Metformin
  12. Temperature recording
  13. Intercourse recording
  14. Saliva ferning recording
  15. Low fat diet
  16. Chia seeds
  17. Low-cholesterol diet
  18. Pre-natal vitamins
  19. Vitamin B
  20. Nurse practitioner
  21. Midwife
  22. Family GP
  23. OB-GYN
  24. Fertility Specialist
  25. Radiologist
  26. Exercise
  27. Prayer
  28. Meditation
  29. Visualization
  30. Promises
  31. Bible reading
  32. Fasting
  33. Crying...
  • at church
  • at baby showers
  • at grocery stores
  • in hospitals
  • everywhere
  • in the car
  • in the bathroom (after negative pregnancy tests) CONSTANTLY
  • in Hubby's arms
  • hugging our son
  • storing away James' baby clothes
  • dismantling the cot
  • giving away baby items
34. Different positions
35. Just relaxing
36. More sex
37. Less sex
38. Thinking about adoption
39. Thinking (and applying for) Foster Caring
40. Not thinking
41. Researching options
42. Giving it time
43. Hoping more
44. Hoping less
45. Getting a pet (Hello Mr Darcy!)
46. Worrying less
47. Worrying more
48. Being happier
49. Being thankful for James
50. Being thankful in general
51. Being less selfish
52. Trying to be a better mother to deserve another child
53. Elevating my hips
54. Taking a holiday
55. Stop trying for a month
56. Denial
57. Grief
58. Bargaining
59. Depression
60. Considering just having one child...

So there you have it - 60 things we have tried. I don't mean this post in anger or bitterness. It is just meant to be an enlightening of what couples with infertility can go through. So support your friends and family who may being going through this. It is a long and hard journey to travel through. Be kind to us :)