Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 TV shows that ended too soon

I have been re-watching TV shows while all the current ones were on hiatus over the Northern Hemisphere Summer. Several shows that I absolutely love could have continued on for much longer I feel. Here is my top 10 list:

1. Roswell
Roswell to me is my teen years. I loved this show! I have rewatched it's 3 seasons several times and always get so sad when I come to the end. I love seeing the fashion that I used to wear (mini-skirts over pants!)

2. Private Practice
I loved seeing the Grey's Anatomy spinoff that carried on with Dr Montgomery Shepherd. It was great how they did the cross-over episodes between Grey's and Private. Sadly after 6 seasons the show was cancelled. 

3. Firefly
When my husband first brought this DVD set home and told me it was a "Space Western" I laughed. I laughed even harder when I saw the opening credits song. But I sat through it with my hubby and by the end of the final episode (14) I was crying that it was over! Such a great show that didn't even make it to one complete season. Tragedy! Thankfully we got a movie to tie up the loose ends but still...

4. Stargate
Yes, after watching Firefly I became curious about the Sci-Fi world and eventually watched one or two episodes of Stargate with hubby. I loved it so much that I went right back to the first season and binge-watched all 10 seasons in about a month! (I had a newborn who kept me up all night feeding so plenty of midnight hours to watch tv!) Stargate got an impressive 10 season and it had two offshoots - Stargate Atlantis (5 seasons) and Stargate Universe (2 seasons). Both of these shows could be on this list as well but my favourite was definitely the original.

5. Gilmore Girls
This was my bedrest tv show while I was on one month bedrest at the end of my pregnancy. 7 seasons was definitely not enough of this witty show! Lorelai and Rory became people I'd love to know. I could still watch this show over and over and over and over...

6. Better off Ted
This little known comedy was so unique and different. It followed a guy named Ted at his workplace - Veridian Dynamics - where they created bizarre and completely weird products. Hubby and I loved watching this show and especially waited for the funny Veridian Dynamics tv ad in the middle of the episode. Sadly cancelled after just 2 seasons.

7. Eureka
Oh Eureka! Oh Colin Ferguson! Again - Sci-fi. Again - hubby introduced me to it. Note to self - always try the tv shows hubby likes! This was set in a fictious town called Eureka in America. This town housed all the top scientific minds who worked at Global Dynamics - a research facility. From talking A.I. houses to bizarre inventions, this show had it all! It was funny, moving and had you wanting to live there. I had the priviledge to meet lead actor Colin Ferguson at the Perth Comic-Con this year and he was so lovely and down to earth. Waiting in his line took ages because he made sure to have a conversation with each person waiting for his signature rather than a quick sign and "thank you". I got all flushed and speechless as we first caught a glimpse of him near the front of the line causing my hubby to laugh at me. I managed to pull it together though and try to think of something creative to say when it was our turn.

8. Lie to me
I came across this show by accident looking for something to watch when I was bored one day. It follows Dr Cal Lightman who is an applied psychologist - interpreting body language and micro expressions. His firm help the police with solving crimes and also a bit of private investigation. I loved this show and it was really interesting to see the science behind it.

9. Happy Endings
This funny almost "friends" style sitcom is something I've only recently found out has been cancelled. Like Friends, it also follows 6 friends in their late 20's / early 30's in their daily life. Sadly ratings dropped during their 3rd season after a really bad scheduling issue with their time slot in the states and the show was cancelled earlier this year.

10. Chuck
This series followed a "geek" guy working at an electronics store who is accidentally imprinted with top government secrets in his brain. This causes all sorts of mayhem as two secret agents are assigned as his bodyguards, one of whom he falls in love with. I love Zachery Levi and enjoyed this show which was cancelled after 5 seasons.

So there you have it. My top 10. What show would you put on the list??

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  1. Gilmore Girls is my all time fav tv show. I have all 7 season on dvd :D