Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Constant Princess - Book Review

This is the first of six books by Phillipa Gregory written about the life of the wives and daughters of King Henry VIII. Here we look into the life of Katherine of Aragon - Henry's first wife.

I am not sure and have not researched the historical accuracy about these books but I found this insight into the life of Katherine and what she experienced to be really interesting. I did not know that she was first married to Henry's older brother who died of an illness when they had only been married a few months. I also did not know that she then was forced to wait years in difficult circumstances before being given to the younger brother Henry in marriage. This book covers from her childhood through her first marriage to Prince Arthur, her time in waiting (a constant princess) and through her marriage to Henry and subsequent miscarriages, births and deaths of their children. What a life this woman had! The novel really made you feel for her pain.

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