Friday, January 3, 2014

Reflecting and making changes 2014

2013. Hard year. One of my hardest.

Today I have been sitting in my newly organised and clean bedroom (with drawers!!) in my rocking chair and having some me time while James sleeps (he's TOTALLY going through a growth spurt!) I have intended to do these reflection pages created by a friend of mine - Amanda Viviers - for a few days now but our house has been full and busy. You can read Amanda's blog and download the reflection pages here.

I must say, these pages were great! I had been thinking during the last month that I could not wait to get out of 2013 and move on to brighter futures. My thoughts were that 2013 was nothing but an awful year. While doing these pages and writing down my answers, it became clear to me the good things that happened in 2013. Things that had been overshadowed by the negative experiences.

What was surprising is that EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things were to do with spending quality time alone with Nick and as a family with James. These are the times I value the most. My greatest moments of 2013 were when I was surrounded and spending quality time with my family. Quality time. Not watching TV. Not sitting in the same room on two different laptops. Not sewing while James plays in the other room. Quality time. My surprise weekend away with Nick. The times we have gone out as a family for a special day (even sometimes the movies). Going to Comic Con with Nick and again with James the second day. Our trip to New Zealand. Playing board games with Nick. Dreaming about our future. Talking. Sharing smiles and cheeky grins over the top of James' head when he does something funny, geeky, silly, or intelligent.

And so at the end of my reflections today, I am left not remembering 2013 for the hard year it was but remembering the beautiful. Remembering the gentle. Remembering the kind. Remembering the funny. Remembering the sweet. Remembering those quick secret moments of joy.

Two of the final prompts in the reflection pages talk about what you are prepared to do differently in 2014. So instead of New Year's Resolutions, this year I am just going to aim to work on these areas:

  • Limit TV time. Turn it off when you're not actually purposefully watching something.
  • Monthly out-of-the-house dates with Nick.
  • Walking to school with James to grow in my health and fitness.
  • Allow myself at least 1 hour a week of journal writing or reflection time alone.
  • Keep the house in a better state of cleanliness and order (which I've been already working on the last month or so). Re-do the garden!
  • Be more disciplined with my time.
  • Save money.
  • Value James and spend more one on one QUALITY time with him.
  • Make more of an effort to connect with God. 
  • Make relationships a priority. 
  • Don't be satisfied with 'just passing' my study - aim to get great results!
  • Say NO! I over commit often - I will be saying no more often this year.
  • Be more disciplined with my blogging.
  • Complete at least 7 things on my 30 before 30 list.
Why not head on over to Amanda's blog and do these reflection pages for yourself?


  1. Great pages Al :) I have saved them to print out and fill in tomorrow. I am interested to see what comes up from filling them out :D keep up the great inspiring blogs!! x

    1. Thanks Jaybee25 :) They are great aye! Can't tell from your name who you are though :p