Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our family trip to New Zealand 2013

We have just returned home from a trip to New Zealand to celebrate two family weddings. My sister Katrina married Richard and Nick's brother Sam married Sam (yes you read that right!)

Our trip was loads of fun and good times. We had delays on EVERY form of public transport we used (count 4 planes and two boat rides!) but we can look back on those times with laughs now that we aren't sitting in an airplane for 3.5 hours longer than we should have!
Tired travellers
Marlborough Sounds on the ferry boat
Visiting Christchurch for the first time since the Earthquakes
We got to catch up with our great friends Bruce and Treena along with their boys Ben and William. We also had a lovely BBQ at their house and caught up with friends living in Christchurch.
We got to visit Nick's cousin Stacey and James loved playing with all the toys at her house!
Spending time with my Grandparents was great and I'm so excited they are moving here to Perth this month!
Then it was time for the first wedding! We got dressed up for my sister Katrina and her husband Richard's wedding.
Aren't they a stunning couple!!
We spent some more time in Blenheim and headed to the Aquarium in nearby Picton that Nick worked at when we lived there. We got to pet Tuatara!! A very rare priviledge!
Then it was back on the boat and off to Levin for the second wedding...
We got all dressed up vintage style for Nick's brother Sam's wedding to his wife... SAM! Nick was a groomsman.
James was the page boy :)
James and I at the reception - SOMEONE ate the lollies from 4 people's lolly box placecards...
James danced the night away with his 'princess' - new Aunty Sam!
The new Mr and Mrs Sam and Sam Dight!
My new sister :)
It was so so good to spend time with Nick's parents while in New Zealand. James misses his Nana and Grandad. Hopefully they will get to visit in 2014!

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