Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 - a year in review

2011 - what a year!

It has been a year of ups and downs as most years are really. Here is what our year looked like...


January was a month of family. My sister Sarah got married to Steven and became MRS FONG. We had family from New Zealand over and it was great to be able to spend time with them all!


February was an up and down month. We started out great with having a fun trip to the wildlife park with one of my best friends, Esme, and her two gorgeous boys. James loved all the animals! Feb ended with us watching with tears pouring down our face the unfolding earthquake chaos in our University city of Christchurch, New Zealand. Plans were put in motion for James and I to fly out to New Zealand to be with family within two weeks.

MARCH 2011

March dawned and James and I flew to New Zealand. We loved spending time with our family and friends and were joined by Nick for the last two weeks of our month long trip. I celebrated my 25th birthday.

APRIL 2011

Our last few days of our New Zealand trip were spent in Auckland attending my sister Kristen's wedding to Tama. She became MRS ERAMIHA. Nick celebrated his 26th birthday.

MAY 2011

May was a lovely quiet month in comparison to the first few months of this year. Friends of ours from New Zealand moved over to live with us for a little while as they settled into Perth. We enjoyed the cooler change in the weather in Perth and I received a treasured piece of artwork from my husband and son for mother's day.

JUNE 2011

June was a fun month enjoying watching James play with his new house-mates aged 6 and 8. He attended his first proper movie experience - Cars 2 - and we took him to a sci-fi convention where he wasn't too sure of the storm troopers walking around...

JULY 2011

July saw lots of rain and cooler weather. James loved it when we went to Spud Shed as there was a big puddle out the front when it had rained. My mum celebrated her 50th birthday!


In August James and I took a dear friend of mine, Rachel, on our annual trip to the Parents, Baby and Children's expo held here in Perth. We had a great time looking around all the stalls and James enjoyed the petting zoo. We also enjoyed the beginning of the warm weather again! James celebrated his 2nd birthday!


In September I went to see the stage show "Wicked" with my sisters Lou and Gabby along with our niece Paige. What an amazing show it was! I still have the songs stuck in my head!


Enjoying the warm weather in October we went to the beach with our friend Steve and his daughters Sophie and Cate leaving their mum Evelyn at home with newborn Ryan to have a rest. And what Kiwi could forget the win of the Rugby World Cup by the All Blacks!!!


November held two exciting events for us. The first was that my childhood friend Laura and her partner Hemant came to visit us from Melbourne. We had a great time spending the week with them with the highlight being our 16km bike around Rottnest Island! The second exciting event was getting my early Christmas present! Our dog Kira!


December brought with it much anticipation. Nick's parents, George and Vicki, and his brother Sam arrived for the holiday from New Zealand! We are having a great time with them and James is enjoying his grandparents. We also had my third sister for the year get married! Louisa married Bobby in a beautiful dusk Christmas Eve ceremony. She became MRS THOMSON. Christmas day was a great day with James enjoying his kitchen we made him. Have a look at the video of his reaction Christmas morning here.

So 2011 has ultimately been a good year for us. We have seen 3 sisters get married, an earthquake, a 2nd, 25th and 26th birthday, the addition of a dog to our family, friends have babies, the loss of our friend Russell, the visit from many family members from New Zealand, great times with family and friends. 

We look forward in 2012 to the arrival of a new niece from my sister Katrina, potentially a wedding for her too as she got engaged New Years eve, more fun sewing and crafting, James turning 3, hopeful to add to our little family with a new bubba (fingers crossed!), and many more events that we don't know yet are to come. 

Happy New Year everyone - we hope its a good one!

Thanks to my friend Lauren for the great idea to do this post! Read her blog here.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, love the way you have done your year in review! Lots of weddings and fun times for you to celebrate. I hope 2012 brings you lots of new memories and the chance to expand your family.