Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Frugal Food Challenge

I promised awhile ago (I think it was my first post over 6 months ago!) that I would post on how I manage to feed a family of 3 on $50 or so a week. Well, with times as they are, this week I have set myself a challenge....

THE CHALLENGE: To feed our household of 4 adults and 3 children for $80 for 7 days.


The Money-Saving Mum - Me

The Handsome Husband

The Ticklish Toddler (comes with mouth full of mandarin...)

Our boarders:

The enthusiastic eight year old

The spunky six year old

Their Mum - the camera-shy sweet-heart
Our friend - the also camera-shy chicky-babe

Ok - time to head off to buy the groceries!

Ticklish Toddler and I in the car at Spud Shed - our supermarket of choice for this challenge due to their warehouse style premises and low prices due to absence of fancy fitting etc... 
Find them here.... 

Time to get a trolley... 

The reason I love this place is their insane cheap prices and no-frills policy. I can usually get all my groceries here including toilet paper (although only one brand available), meat, fruit and vege, milk products, frozen food, canned food, bread.... About the only thing I need to go to the 'real' supermarkets for are dish washing liquid, soap, shampoo etc and cat food!

5KG bag of carrots = $1.50

2KG bag of onions = $0.99

2L milk = $1.69 - granted I usually pay much more for it here - $1.79! Gee it's hard.... LOL

Great special this week - Pasta of many kinds = $0.69

Ticklish Toddler with our load - plus a bike and car toy - gotta have the car toy!

So here are our purchases! 

TOTAL: $66.45 !!


So I have $13.55 left in the kitty for extra milk and bread as we need it this week. 


Here are some of the standout buys:

  • Milk 2L - $1.69
  • Pasta - macaroni and linguine - $0.69 each for 500g
  • Cabbage - $0.99 each
  • Tomato Puree 700g - $1.49
  • Mince meat - $6.99kg
  • Carrots 5kg bag - $1.50
  • Bread - white, toast, wholegrain, multi-grain - $0.99/loaf

I will be posting one post per day telling you all how we are coping and giving you a 'recipe of the day'.

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