Friday, July 12, 2013

Double the fun...

Currently I am day 14 on round 3 of Clomid. Since I didn't get pregnant last month, my specialist has doubled my Clomid dose to 100mg (2x50mg pills a day).

This is also the first month that I am not doing monitoring! It is kinda weird that I don't know my stats (e.g. the CD8 blood test and CD10 ultrasound) to see how many eggs may be getting ready to ovulate. I guess this is what normal people feel like when they try to get pregnant without the intervention! I hate not knowing!

So double the dose has been double the symptoms - more headaches, more tiredness, more moodiness (sorry everybody)! I had a very hard week that week that I was on the clomid. Very emotional and crying at the drop of a hat (or perhaps sewing needle). I am slowly coming out of the fog but still remain tired. Gosh this stuff isn't too friendly on my body! I am hoping and praying that this month is it - no more meds. If I don't get pregnant this cycle or the next then I will possibly go up to 150mg clomid with also an HCG shot around CD12 to boost that hormone. Sigh. The things we do. The step after that is IVF...


  1. These updates are so good Ali. As someone who would get pregnant at the drop of a hat, I cannot relate to how you must be feeling. I am praying that your body will be ready to be pregnant this round and that IVF wont be necessary. Love you hon xx Mum

  2. I'm so sorry you're dealing with double the symptoms. :( Praying this is your month, gal! Praying hard! Sending you big hugs!