Friday, May 3, 2013

Oww! my ovaries!

Ok. So excuse the obscure Simpsons reference, but Ow!

For some bizarre reason, I tend to turn into a try-hard stand up comedian when I visit my Fertility Specialist. I guess I just get nervous and try to make light of the situation by making witty comments. Such was the case today.

I had my CD10 ultrasound today. My specialist is such a lovely guy and always puts me at ease, even when I'm baring all on the table! He tends to ignore my nervous attempts at jokes - such was the case today.

After giving me my blood test results (336), I jump up on the table, ready to do an invasive ultrasound - the kind with the magic wand - and immediately notice my unshaven legs. Ali! Really?!

"Opps sorry for the legs! I mean I really should have shaved for you"

Dr: "It's ok, it doesn't bother me." - oh great. So he noticed.
"Right.... here is your right ovary... a few small follicles... nothing of note here... and now for the left ovary..."

Prod, prod, poke, poke....

"Hmmm... Umm...."

Oh come on Doc! Give me the news! I can take it!

"I can't seem to find your left ovary..."

Me: "I swear I have one! I've got pictures to prove it!"

Dr: "uh huh..."

Prod, push down on stomach area where ovary should be, poke, prod....

Dr: "oh there it is... way up there..."

Thankful that he found it, we discovered I had 1 significant egg measuring 13mm in diameter! Hurray! Yay! I have an egg ready to ovulate!

Me: "So when do you think I'll ovulate?"

Dr: "Oh I'd say it would be about 4 days time given the size of the follicle"

Drats. Nick just left today for a 5 day trip...

Praying and hoping that this little egg is running behind schedule!

My little egg...

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  1. PRaying with you that this eggie takes it's time and runs behind!! Hope you guys catch it this month, gal! Praying hard!