Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 5 Minute Dress!

I've done it. I've finally conquered my fear of sewing with knit fabric! Once I found out some great tips I discovered I really didn't have anything to be afraid of. So without further ado...

This is the most amazingly easy dress ever. I swear. I am certain that once I make others in different fabric and colours that they are going to be my summer uniform. That's how in love I am!

This is yet another of my Pinterest finds. Katy at Sweet Verbena is amazing - you should definitely check out her blog for more tutorials. Here is the tutorial for this dress.

This tutorial includes only 3 lines of straight stitching (well, sewing a straight line with a zigzag stitch anyway). No hemming. No over-locking. No patterns required. Just two pieces (or one folded over piece) of knit fabric. It's just that easy!

Here are my handy tips:

  • Make sure you use a stretch needle. You are going to be working with knit fabric so you need to have a needle that is sharp and will allow for this sort of fabric with a lot of stretch in it.
  • Use a zigzag stitch. It will allow your fabric to stretch and move as knit fabric normally would.
  • Allow the fabric to feed itself through the machine. Don't pull it through otherwise it will bunch.
  • Make sure when you measure how wide you want your dress that you add in a bit of extra length to account for... um... female body parts (breasts for those of you that need the hint). If you just measure the width of your shoulders and have rather large... uh... female body parts... then you will create a dress that will stretch over this area. Those of us know have these larger parts know that this makes them look even bigger...
  • WEAR WITH A BELT!! If you don't you will end up with a Homer Simpson style Mu-mu. Not very flattering...
Have fun!!


  1. Any idea of what to do for someone not wanting to wear a belt? (I don't really want/wear belts around my middle)

  2. If you didn't want to wear a belt here are three options to make the dress work:

    1. Measure around your waist and cut elastic accordingly. Making sure you stretch the elastic and pin it at several points, sew it around the inside of the dress just under the bust.

    2. Make a casing and attach it at the under bust point leaving a gap to insert elastic. Another option would be to make a nice casing and attach to the outside and thread ribbon or rope through and tie in a bow at the front.

    3. Cut some elastic approx 5' long and then sew inside the front just under the bust stretching the elastic as you go. This will give a nice gather under the bust. This would be my least favourite option but it could work.

    Good luck!