Sunday, March 20, 2011

To start anew


It's something I admit I struggle with. That's right - I'm coming right out and saying it.

I find it hard to be motivated lately in many areas of my life - doing dishes, organizing my home, finishing long ago started projects, getting paperwork in some sort of order instead of being scattered in 5 different places around the house....

All that is about to change.

I am currently on a 4 week holiday in New Zealand. Our holiday has three purposes - to allow my in-laws to see their growing grandson, to be close to family and friends after the Christchurch earthquake which caused so much devastation and grief, and to be there to celebrate my little sister's wedding in early April. We are currently on day 14 of 29 days of holiday and I must say I feel like I am being refreshed.

I didn't realise until I got here how wound up, stressed and tired I was. It has been so long since I have just stopped and relaxed instead of concentrating on work, housework, grocery shopping and just breathed. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my hunched over shoulders. I feel like I am (nearly) ready to start making some positive steps forward with life.

And I have a plan....

- to blog twice a week. Reason: to help me sort out my thoughts and ideas and to hopefully give some encouragement and inspiration to others as I have received myself.
- to buy a large bookcase from Ikea with lots of square shelve spaces. Reason: to provide some much needed storage for our house and to organise our paperwork into magazine boxes so we can actually find the insurance policies, bills, log in details... when we need them.
- to prioritize James. Reason: do I need one??
- to make a list and plan of all the creative ideas I have and have found through others. Reason: I have way too many ideas running around in my head and several of them who have already escaped and need to actually start doing some of them and remember them.
- to start receiving an "allowance" or "housekeeping" from Nick. Reason: I have a spending problem! Particularly when it comes to crafty finds.... My "housekeeping" money will cover groceries, nappies, basic household needs (eg new shoes for James, new tea towels etc) and anything I am able to save by managing the money well and living simply and miserly will be mine to spend on what I like eg crafty stuff!
- to really start to get our finances in order and start to seriously save for our travel plans next year. Reason: I want to go to the UK as well as Canada and we can only do both if we save seriously! (we are going to Canada for a family wedding and would LOVE to stop in the UK on the way back...)
- to draw closer to God. Reason: because He is a wonderful amazing God who is waiting patiently for me to draw near to Him so He can show me what He has created me for. I want to live in a way that is glorifying to Him and is setting an example for our son and others around me.

As you can see - there are a lot of things I am planning to do. I know this won't all happen overnight but with prayer, discipline and encouragement I know I can get there.

What does this mean for you?

- two weekly blogs. One is a crafty project of the week either that I have done or I have found to encourage you all to create. The second is a weekly musing of general goings on in the Dight household and in general around the world. This could be a frugal tip I have found, a lesson I have learnt, a photo or video that has touched me, an amusing (hopefully) anecdote of something that has happened.

- a more organised (and clean!) house to visit

- a better friend to have

So here's to new beginnings! Pray for me!

xx Alison